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Inquiries & Search


If you are interested in a certain nickname, and you want to know more, you can use the command DESC follow the below, by using this command, you will get the chatters age,description,location and gender, if Sarah is the one you are interested in: For example send the following to 8888:
DESC Sarah


By using the command SEARCH, you will be able to look for other chatters currently available in DardaChat world. The search results can be General, Matches other chatters’ registration fields (nicknames, age, gender or location) or Matches the INFO field edited by another chatter

For example send the following to 8888:

(General): "SEARCH" (on its own to list random results) (Based on registration information) "SEARCH Male" or "SEARCH 25" or "SEARCH London" (based on INFO field match)
"SEARCH Football, Arsenal fan"